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TI-S Series

Under vehicle inspection system


The TI-S System was designed specifically to scan the under

carriage of vehicles carriage of vehicles for the presence of

irregular objects. Objects may vary from explosives, drugs,

merchandise and even in some cases the smuggling of human

beings across borders or out of prison compounds.

The use of the system may vary by the end user's needs and

security concept. The system should always be placed before

a physical stop – gate, bollards, or a blocking chamber.

When the vehicle reaches the gate the system automatically

scans the undercarriage presenting a high-resolution live image to the user. The user may

be as far as needed from the inspected vehicle.

The system has a 4 axis optical head unit that allows automatic scan cycles and may

be operated in manual mode as well. The operator can move the optical unit along the vehicle, as well as pan, tilt and zoom in to suspicious objects.

The high-resolution camera has a powerful optical zoom

for examining suspicious objects.

The versatile view angle allows the user to verify

from multiple angles the suspicious treat before

actually having to physically reach the object.

In the case of bomb squad technicians, being

able to examine the object from a distance

before having to deal with it physically could make

the difference between life and death, as well as save the incontinence of false alarms. The system is based on a logic controller that controls all functions.

This makes the system easy to operate without the hassle of using a computer or having to train personnel to understand how to use computers. The control board is comprised of on/off button, two joysticks, auto scan mode button and a screen. One cable connects the control board to the system (quick and easy installation). The system varies from a 2.5-meter system for inspecting cars and a 4-meter system for inspecting trucks. The system is 20 cm high and can be inserted to ground level or be placed on the surface with small ramps that bring the vehicle up 20 cm. There is a

portable system as well for special VIP applications. All data from the system can be recorded to the local DVR system for training and investigation uses. The data can be tied to a LPR system as well for better documentation. The system was not designed using only a 90 degrees upward looking camera because we experienced that most threats and explosives were fastened above the vehicle's beams, meaning they were visible only from an angle.





  1. Capability to scan the vehicle while stationary.

  2. View above strut bars and other vehicle components from multiple angles and magnification.

  3. Live color video feed for constant eye contact with suspicious objects until threat confronted. 

  4. System automatically scans chassis, using preprogrammed sequences or by user defined programs.

  5. 4 axis optical head unit.

  6. High-resolution camera with a powerful optical zoom.

  7. Manual mode for suspicious objects thorough inspection.

  8. Operation via touch screen and joysticks.

  9. Programmable auto scan sequences.

  10. The systematic scan cycle focuses on suspicious vulnerable places on the chassis.

  11. Manual mode can be accessed even during an automated sequence; the resume button continues the auto scan.

  12. Optional recording for documentation, training & investigation.

  13. The control unit may be located as distant as needed from the vehicle.

  14. Operator/Bomb squad technician may inspect objects from multiple angles before confronting them.

  15. Simple user interface, easy to use, only 20-minute training needed.

  16. Non-PC based. The PLC design makes the system highly reliable with low maintenance needs.

  17. Watertight system for harsh weather conditions. Safe in the environment of volatile material transports.

  18. Quick and simple installation.





Government offices, embassies, oil and gas refineries/storage depots,  border checkpoints, correctional facilities, power plants, sporting events, conventions and other sensitive sites.





The vehicle is stopped before a gate.

• Work Temperature range: +5°f - +140°f (-15°c - + 60°c)

• Monitor: 15”-17" LCD

• Auto scanning sequence controls Pan, Tilt, Zoom and conveyor.

• Power requirements:  220VAC 4Amp





• TI-2500-S :   70x250x20 cm (WxLxH)

• TI-4000-S :   70x400x20 cm (WxLxH)

• TI-2000-SM : 190x600x20 cm (WxLxH)  Including ramps  (the TI-2500-S unit is planted in the ramp

   system). This mobile system comes on a trailer and includes a generator making it fully functional

   without any external needs.





• High-resolution color camera

• 440,000 pixels, 550 TV lines

• 36x optical autofocus zoom lens

• Wide dynamic range feature





Registered Patent




• The vehicle is stopped before a gate.

• The system automatically scans chassis.

• 4 axis optical head unit.

• Manual mode for suspicious objects.

• Optional recording for training, investigation and documentation.

• The operator may be as far as needed from the inspected object.

• Operator, Bomb squad technician may inspect objects from multiple angles before confronting them.

• Suited for: Embassies, prison compounds, border posts, secured facilities, industrial plants (electric,

   nuclear, oil…), Airport facilities etc.

• Easy to use, only 20-minute training needed.

• Simple - no use of computers.

• Quick installation.

• 2.5 m, 4m length for different uses.


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