The RWA system operation is based on an STI proprietary modified purge and trap-GC technology. The system is a full spectrometry GC, with capillary column, as a means of chemical analysis.  The system is automatically controlled utilizing today’s innovative, cutting edge technology, based on an embedded ARM micro-controller. Easy to use GUI, (Graphical User Interface), color touch screen menu interface. Along with a concentration vs time graphical representation of the Real-time chromatograph peaks as they elude the GC column. The results are all saved on a micro SD card for later examining or downloading. If the values received deviate from the specified, high or low (according to predefined parameters), the system will alert and activate actions as determined by the control and operating software.

The system has wireless or wired transmission ability to the control center. Transmission frequency capacity is as specified by the user, while maintaining all the data on the system, so if the broadcast failed for any reason the data will not be lost and when resolving the failure, the data will be forwarded again. In addition to the data, the GPS location and the serial number of the system will be sent for the purpose of multi system operation, mobile systems, documentation and history analysis.


The system can send and receive I/O commands as a result of the results obtained, as defined in the operating and control software, for the purpose of closing valves to prevent the contamination from spreading, visual and audible alerts, send voice and text messages, emails and more.

Multiple systems can be connected and communicate between them and the control center for maximum flexibility to minimize response time in emergencies or for generating any command and to maximize damage control.


Auto calibration - the system can calibrate itself automatically (no external intervention) with water samples which contain:


  1. Authorized concentrations of various chemicals that should be in the water.

  2. Unauthorized chemicals and contamination.

  3. The system will use the samples available for calibration, according to the frequency defined by the operating software and control, either automatically or whether remote controlled, without the need to physically reach the system, from the samples mentioned, containing the pollutants \ unauthorized chemicals  and chemicals with concentrations approved for the purpose of obtaining accurate values.


Running Water Analisys

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