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Running Water Analisys

STI is developing the RWA system that is based on an STI proprietary modified purge and trap-GC technology. The system is a full spectrometry GC, with capillary column, as a means of chemical analysis.  The system is automatically controlled utilizing today’s innovative, cutting edge technology, based on an embedded ARM micro-controller. Easy to use GUI, (Graphical User Interface), color touch screen menu interface. Along with a concentration vs time graphical representation of the Real-time chromatograph peaks as they elude the GC column. The results are all saved on a micro SD card for later examining or downloading. If the values received deviate from the specified, high or low (according to predefined parameters), the system will alert and activate actions as determined by the control and operating software.


RWA provides extremely high, real-time detection of any presence of prohibited chemical concentrations, contaminants, poisons and defined hazardous material concentrations in running water, reservoirs, lakes and more.


Auto-data calibration will remove the need for any external intervention and uses supplied water samples.


RWA allows operation of dry contact input-outputs with real-time alerts to authorized users, for closing valves or other necessary actions, in order to prevent contaminants from spreading.

RWA stores data for an unlimited period of time and sends information as required. Data can be monitored in real-time or by history review, for any necessary inquiry.


Multiple systems can be simultaneously connected by geolocation to communicate between themselves and with the control center.

The system provides maximum flexibility in order to minimize response time in emergencies or for generating any command to maximize damage control.

RWA is a patented technology that is both configurable and customizable.

RWA monitors water for different applications, varying from drinking water quality and safety, to beverage factories and waste water compliance requirements.

Pat. Pending

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