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SN Series

GC Detection System

Handheld / Desktop, Vapor Explosives Detector


STI has developed a proprietary substance detector using a revolutionary

gas chromatograph technology. The system has conducted lab and field

operation tests and showed high successes. The collected vapors are

presented to an extremely sensitive detector using a selective

pre-concentration gas chromatograph and electron capture technology.  

The unique system design, allows immediate analysis results with the

capability to run multiple sequenced samples with practically no waiting time.

The quick analysis results allow massive throughput needed in  most

security applications.

The system is designed for fast recovery even after detection,

allowing the user to continue using the system even after

contamination which is most important for live system tests

during daily use. The detector is designed to detect

standard commercial, military substances and

improvised compounds without any false alarms on

common substances.  

The system holds few US registered Patent and more

Pending patents worldwide.






Government offices, embassies, airports, chemical plants, border checkpoints, correctional facilities, ground forces, power plants, sporting events, conventions, oil and gas refineries / storage

depots and other sensitive sites.





  • Vapor Detection (PPT Level)

  • Fast Recovery

  • Highly Accurate

  • Real-time Analysis

  • Light-weight

  • Detects standard commercial substances and improvised compounds

  • Simple user interface

  • Audio-Visual “Go / No Go” alarm

  • Portable and desktop application

  • Low maintenance

Registered Patent

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