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Maritime Intelligence Analysis & Detection System

STI is developing the MIAD system, that is a unique market game changer solution, that change the world maritime container physical checks as we know it and moves it from an individual port problem and abilities to a world big data, hazardous, security and other problems sharing and physically identifying, in real time and high efficiency

The MIAD system is a multi sensor solution with a flexible operational software (big data) allowing a massive throughput by a short and efficient inspection, utilization of time while loading and unloading of containers from the ship to the dock and vice versa.


The inspection gives a broad view by comparing the data of the container from the documentation, the main database to the created data from the system sensors. Any mismatch creates an alarm or a warning.


Alarms are smart and configurable and can be programmed according to the different user needs and demands.


The system is an open platform that enables the usage of an unlimited number of sensors. The created data can assist with security, safety, and operational aspects.


The system can identify (by sensors) and compare the following to the database and BOL:


  • Container length (20, 40 ft etc)

  • Gross and net weight

  • Container color

  • Seal  presence

  • Container ID and its legality by ISO 6346 code check.

  • The presence of hazardous materials

  • The presence of radiation

  • Other sensors can be added according to client demand or needs


The system integrates the data from various sensors and the provided documentation of the shipper and the recipient.


Cross-checking of the information according to sensitivity and importance are defined specifically by the customer and automatically extract information to the various port security and customs personnel. Each user will receive the relevant data only in order to allow him to optimize the usage of the given time subjected to his position and mission.


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