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STI ltd was established to provide a wide range of technological and operational solutions for the Civil, Para-military and policing forces. STI operates in the development and marketing of solutions & systems for the challenging and changing global Market.


The company's team members are highly trained field experts with proven experience in identifying operational flaws, diagnosing the client needs and providing a technological solution to meet their requirements.

STI's systems comply to ISO 9001:2015 requirements and are registered as patents in the U.S and around the world. 

Quality policy may be delivered upon request
All our systems are manufactured from high quality and durable materials ensuring long and reliable functioning in a wide range of operational environments. STI emphasizes on short time to market development cycle, cost effective products keeping in mind the ergonomic design and a friendly user interface fitted to meet the operator and

end-users unique needs.


Providing Solutions

RWA System
Running Water Analysis System
MIAD System
Maritime Intelligence Analysis & Detection
SN Series
GC Detection System
TI-S Series
Under vehicle
inspection system

The system allows auto detection of the presence  of prohibited materials concentrations in running water, industrial factories, reservoirs, lakes and more with active I/O  abilities.

Multi-sensor solution with a flexible operational software
(big data) allowing a massive throughput by a short and efficient inspection and detection.

The system is patented, proprietary substance detector using a revolutionary technology to detect regular and improvised substances.

Advanced unique patented systems, designed to provide a security solution for inspecting the most vulnerable part of a
vehicle - the chassis.



Research and Development

S.T.I.'s development strategy is to provide and develop creative technological solutions, as a manufacturer and developer, S.T.I. emphasizes on cost effective, short time to market products for the defense security market (HLS), taking in mind the rapidly changing world wide threat description analyzing security needs and providing a technological solution.

STI emphasizes on a short time to market product development, cost effective products keeping in mind the ergonomic design and user interface, fit for the relevant operator and user. Our systems have ISO 9001:2015 requirements and are registered patents at the, U.S and around the world.

All design and manufacturing are by STI; making it possible to custom fit solutions for specific customer requirements and "by demand" solutions.



News and Updates

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